About Us

Hi! We are Troy DeVoe and Nikki Pooler, two individuals with a passion for creativity — creativity makes us happy. We both have chosen the path of expectation of our parents and society to go to college, get a career, work until retirement for someone else and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Nikki is a RN (Registered Nurse) and I am a Civil Engineer. We are working hard towards our expected life path. But we realized we something along the way!! We both have an entrepreneurial spirit that we discovered during our journey. We both enjoy the power of creating different designs and bringing those ideas to life on apparel. I am a Mason (Lynde Lodge 174), an Anah Shriner Clown (Pop Fizz) and a Widows Son (Band of Brothers Chapter). I am relatively new to this progressive growth and enlightenment journey. Becoming a Master Mason in 2011. I had no one in my family or anyone I knew who had chosen this incredible journey for themselves, so I didn’t know this world brotherhood and family existed. I am of a very giving nature so when I stumbled upon Masonry and learned about what they do and how much they give, it was then I knew this was the perfect match for me. A life calling more rewarding then I could have ever imagined.  When my girlfriend Nikki and first met, this was one of the first things I brought up to her about me. She could tell how passionate I was and because she is very similar to me and giving back is important to her as well, this lifestyle I have was very exciting to her and didn’t scare her away as I thought it may. As we all know there are many stigmas associated with Masonry that just aren’t true and greatly misunderstood. She absolutely loves this journey we are on and as all Masons, Shriner and Widows Sons know, we can’t do this without the support and help from our amazing Ladies!! Nikki lives up to this with the best, she is always there supporting every event she can and enjoying every moment of the tight knit family we are part of. I have dabbled in vinyl, screen printing and such for the last 10+ years making custom designs for people and creating ideas. Many were school designs for their kids’ sports, or just ideas people wanted to bring to life. What I had realized is how much I enjoy doing this. I use it to relax, be creative and put me into a place that brings absolute enjoyment. We realized that we both enjoy this and began to discuss why do we try to make a “real” business out of this and hopefully be able to make our dream come true and that is to work for ourselves doing something we completely love. This is how Masonic ME came about. We used the part ME from our URL website name to mean Masonic stuff for me (you) and the abbreviations for the great state of Maine which is where we are located. We realized after years of being part of these brotherhoods, there were not a lot of options of designs for clothing, decals, hats etc. for Masonry and offshoots of that, especially for someone who loves to create unique ideas. Since we felt we could offer great designs, we decided to create a website to put our ideas out there. We are always open to adding custom chapter for Widows Sons patches or Masonic lodges and Shriner Units or whatever else you may have in mind. Feel free to shoot us an email and we will be in touch to see how we can help your visions come to fruition. We truly believe in the transformative power of illustration and design and their ability to simplify communications, elevate experiences, engage and inspire people everywhere. Good design and good relationships come from collaboration.
Thank you for taking to time to read our short story of us and how we came about to start this small company. 

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